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Mater Dei Catholic High School             Go Crusaders!

Graduation Requirements



Graduation Requirements 


280 Units are Required
♦ 100 Christian Service Hours (25 hrs annually)
♦ Successful completion of the Senior Capstone Project
♦ Successful completion of the AWP Competency Exam

Theology 40
English 40
Mathematics 30
Social Science 30
Science 30
World Language 20
Physical Education 20
Visual & Performing Arts 10
Speech/Study Skills 10
Other Elective Courses 50



Class Rankings


  • The academic year is based on a semester system, and the grading system is based upon a 4.0+ point scale.
  • Honors & AP courses are granted an extra point into the student’s GPA.
  • Grading and student ranking reports are based on a cumulative weighted grade point average


Report Card Codes



A – Excellent
B – Above Average
C – Average
CR – Credit
D – Below Average
F – Failing
I – Incomplete
NC – No Credit
NM – No Mark
P – Passing
W – Withdrew




G – Good
N – Needs Improvement
O – Outstanding
S – Satisfactory
U – Unsatisfactory


A – Participates well in class
B – Has excellent writing skills
C – Exhibits leadership qualities
D – Is a pleasure to have in class
E – Is improving in this course
F – Works below apparent ability
G – Does not participate well in class
H – Needs to improve writing skills
I – Absences/Tardies/Lockout affect grade
J – Fails to complete hmwk/missed work
K – Inconsistent performance
L – Demonstrates great effort
M – Does not pay attention in class
N – Study habits need improvement
O – Has low test/quiz scores
P – Caught cheating on test/quiz/hmwk/paper
Q – Disturbs class at times
R – MDCHS after-school tutoring recommended
S – Has not met service hours requirement
T – Portfolio affects grade
U – English not spoken in class
V – Does not complete required reading
W – Meets course expectations
X – Inappropriate use of technology
Y – Uses technology well