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Ms. Denise RodriguezMajor Events Coordinator | Parent Volunteer Program



Dear Mater Dei Parents,  Welcome to makes it easier for busy people like you to participate, help out, and do good stuff.

  • You will receive a confirmation email with additional details regarding the spot(s) you signed up for and your personal link to the SignUp.
  • The Quick Video on the right shows you how to access your signup again to make changes, sync your spots to your online calendar, swap spots with someone else, and more.


Mater Dei Catholic High School Volunteer FAQ

What is asked from each family? 
Each current MDCHS family is requested to commit twenty-five (25) service hours each school year (August through May). Parents and immediate family members (18 years and older) may volunteer service hours for the family. Hours need to be completed by the last week of March, and any additional hours do not “roll over” to the next school year.

Are required volunteer hours different for parents receiving Tuition Assistance?
Yes, required hours are greater and are determined by the finance department.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer opportunities include service time and donation of goods (such as water, sodas, and refreshments) for school functions and sports.

How do I keep track of PVP hours?
After the initial registration and activation of a family account at, the volunteer will be able to select desired volunteer opportunities, record time/goods provided (pending until verified by MDCHS) and keep track of progress. You will also receive quarterly email notifications informing you of your family’s progress.

What happens if PVP time is not completed in one school year? 
As Mater Dei parents, you have made a pledge and a moral obligation to be involved as the primary educators of your children and to complete service hours. We are here to help.

What if I have completed my hours and they are not recorded?
Please contact Ms. Denise Rodriguez at 619-423-2121 ext. 100 or by email:





  • Attendance/Health


  • Back to School Night


  • Event Donations


  • Event Decorations


  • Front Office Assistance


  • PTA Closet Organizer


  • Soda Drive


  • Student Photo ID’s


  • Tablecloths


  • Tablecloths Closet Organizer


  • Water Drive